June 20, 2011

Notes From: Bar Pintxo

If this weather isn't made for staying in surrounded by books, coffee and movies, then I just am not certain I get the point of June Gloom. And so that is how we spent a Saturday (and no I didn't even put on shoes the entire day). Come Sunday, it was out to watch the sailboats in Santa Monica, stop in for a delicious lunch at my favorite little spot in all of L.A.—Bar Pintxo—and back downtown to share our neighborhood with friends. If you haven't yet been to Urbano Pizza Bar, stop in, won't you? The Wood Roasted Artichoke is perfection, the Funghi and Quattro Formaggi worth ordering for yourself and the interior welcoming. I've been twice already. The count could easily get to five by Friday. See you there.(And that's Rocky patiently waiting to continue his walk down the Promenade).


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