April 10, 2012

This Way Please. . .

We finally launched over at Mister Boffin and this is your official invitation to join us. We'll be sharing farm fresh cocktail concoctions, excellent eco edibles, and fantastic finds in Los Angeles and beyond. See you there.


November 13, 2011

See You in 2012!


Hello friends-

After much consideration, I have decided to take Monkey in LA in a direction much more aligned with my philosophy: to be clearly cognizant of my own impact on our shared planet—particularly by making recommendations. Sure I love design-forward, "pretty" things, but it's worth it to properly dig a bit further and share goods I can truly stand behind. Come 2012, I'll be bringing you Gift Guides, Monkey Style and others (plus some new features) with a citizen global/local spin (greenwashing not included). I may pop in with a Swell Sip around the holidays or a couple of snaps from Paris (whether here or on Instagram), but until then, I'll be taking a break to spend time with Colette (with yogurt on her face) and the rest of the brood.


November 11, 2011

Swell Sip: Seattle's Best

Seattle's best citizen blogger, that is. This week's SWELL SIP is an ode to and collaboration with Ms. Shannon Eileen, the beauty and brains behind Happiness Is, a blog of good things and her labor of love that brings her musical life in Seattle to life for us all. And what might she be sipping come the grey days in the Emerald City? A concoction crafted from coffee (of course) with a hint of almond and a spoonful of cream. Wrapped up in a rust colored scarf, proper rain boots and a poncho to stay dry, and this is how they sip in style in the Northwest. (That being said, she's visiting Los Angeles as we speak. Should you see her, give her a big welcome). Cheers Shannon!

November 10, 2011

Space Monkey: La Corde a Linge

I am sure that you have probably laid your eyes upon La Corde a Linge at some point with all of the adoration going around for this 1930's laundry-turned-restaurant in Strasbourg, France. I mean, of course people love it! Just look at the petit clothes hanging from the line! And since it's so sweet and I can't currently catch a wink of sleep in anticipation of my French holiday, I thought I would share the obsession by giving you a little look into this enchanting eatery.

November 9, 2011

Monkey Style: Sober

Out of Amsterdam, the designers of Sober subscribe to a philosophy of finding the beauty in form and function, celebrating rich color and simple lines, and crafting understated pieces that are effortlessly worn by those who value quality. And while I appreciate this mantra, this aesthetic, this point of view. . . I am simply bewitched by the color of her hair. Damn if I will ever pull off a cape with such striking grace.

November 7, 2011

Notes From: A Birthday

The photos from Sunday's dinner speak for themselves: it was just as warm, full of light, good food and good company. . . a birthday I and the Mr. will remember. So simple, but spectacularly lovely, you know?