June 21, 2011

Stay In: Meadow to the Plains

If you haven't already noticed, I have a soft spot for nature-inspired finds—a bear here, a porcupine there and an owl or two for good measure. And now that it's officially summer, I would like nothing more then to zip out to Dunton Hot Springs and hole up surrounded by fauna for a care-free week. Not going to happen.

However, to celebrate to the greener side of Los Angeles and get a taste of "nature", here is a STAY IN that will take you through the meadows, tramping through the forest and back to the plains in a weekend of good and grassy fun. Happy Summer Solstice!

EAT: Sit your tush down on a wooden bench and order up a "modern picnic" with a bit of Asian flair under the pitched roof of Culver City's A-Frame. For a true lazy day spin, order the Cracklin' Beer Can Chicken, the Dyn-O-Mite twiced-baked potato and a pint of the Atticus IPA straight out of Torrance. Finish up with a Thick Ass Ice Cream Sandwich and sigh. Hello June.

DRINK: Warm up under the oaks of the very cabin-y Bigfoot Lodge West with a mason jar mug of the Toasted Marshmallow (vanilla vodka, butterscotch liquor, Frangelico, Bailey's Irish Creme and a flaming mound of gooey goodness) or a very feisty Sasquatch. A mix of Wild Turkey, ginger brandy, ginger ale and a touch of bitters, it's one drink bound to put a few hairs on your chest.

STAY: With down-home rooms complete with plaid and rocking chairs, you'll forget you're in the heart of the Fairfax district when you burrow for the night at the Farmer's Daughter Hotel. Wake up for a sunny swim in the pool and a good ol' breakfast of Country Flapjacks or a Haystack Hussie at Tart followed by a leisurely walk around the Farmer's Market.

*Photo from Dunton Hot Springs

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