August 17, 2009

Are you there reader? It's me, Eva.

This blog was created for two reasons:

1. I am (relatively) new in LA and pass places or read about fantastic things worth seeing, but then never remember them.

2. I often make messes of the kitchen to come up with wacko recipes, but then lose the post-its I wrote the ingredients on.
So I needed help. I wanted to organize my kitchen charades and to explore the city. . . and then maybe send it to someone who might be interested. So far, it's worked! My lovely neighbor Michael and other kind friends have been reading it and I have a place where Southwest Huevos y Maize can live. But then something happened. Today, on this gray Monday in LA (hello August, where are you? ), I got a comment. . . and I don't know the person! YAY! 

So to you, Fan in Faircrest Heights, thank you. Thanks for reading this little blog and for making this an adventure that hopefully will help someone else find new experiences. I will continue to "bird-dog" with curiosity and love for this fine city. In return, I would love to hear about everyone's monkey times (and recipes) too. So, happy reading! And happy making a mess of your own kitchen. . . 


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  1. a month late. no idea how I this at 4am on a Saturday. I actually saw Amoon-Ra prior to it's opening a year or so back. Never been tho.