August 16, 2009

Sip On This

Imagine my surprise when I show up to Book Soup's Book Swap and Kogi Truck fest this weekend only to find that they were giving out free wine from Bear Flag Wines. Tacos, books and FREE wine? This little atheist went to heaven. But on top of it being free, the wine was good. I mean really, really good. Now listen, take it from the kid of a winemaker--this stuff is the real deal. As a brand new brainchild of a couple of winemaking ladies from Modesto, Bear Flag red and white blends are interesting, unpretentious and delicious with Korean tacos (and probably anything). And the bottles? Fantastic. Eduardo Bertone, an Argentinean graphic artist who has become world known, has teamed up with Beth and Hillary to produce a label that you'll probably keep long after you've had the last drop of vino. If you're ready for a bottle, check out Bear Flag Wines or call 1-866-984-BEAR.


  1. I agree totally. I was at the event on Saturday (thanks to the monkey in LA)... And the wine was delish.... as were the tunes. Free books, Korean BBQ, wine and music... Wow. Who knew such a beautiful day was lying in wait. Thanks for the heads up and keep up the bird-dogging!

    fan in Faircrest Heights---

  2. Also throwing in my admiration for the wine! I sampled the white (thrice, thanks nice guys behind the table!) and it was coool, crisp and delicious. I'd love to say i sampled the kogi tacos, but the line was outrageous, so i skipped those. oh yeah, the book swap was fun too!
    a fan in Los Feliz