November 11, 2011

Swell Sip: Seattle's Best

Seattle's best citizen blogger, that is. This week's SWELL SIP is an ode to and collaboration with Ms. Shannon Eileen, the beauty and brains behind Happiness Is, a blog of good things and her labor of love that brings her musical life in Seattle to life for us all. And what might she be sipping come the grey days in the Emerald City? A concoction crafted from coffee (of course) with a hint of almond and a spoonful of cream. Wrapped up in a rust colored scarf, proper rain boots and a poncho to stay dry, and this is how they sip in style in the Northwest. (That being said, she's visiting Los Angeles as we speak. Should you see her, give her a big welcome). Cheers Shannon!

1 comment:

  1. I'm back from LA and witnessing cold wet weather as we speak. I just might have to concoct this tasty hot beverage tonight, of course while wearing my wellies and cozy poncho! You nailed it, Eva :) xo