November 13, 2011

See You in 2012!


Hello friends-

After much consideration, I have decided to take Monkey in LA in a direction much more aligned with my philosophy: to be clearly cognizant of my own impact on our shared planet—particularly by making recommendations. Sure I love design-forward, "pretty" things, but it's worth it to properly dig a bit further and share goods I can truly stand behind. Come 2012, I'll be bringing you Gift Guides, Monkey Style and others (plus some new features) with a citizen global/local spin (greenwashing not included). I may pop in with a Swell Sip around the holidays or a couple of snaps from Paris (whether here or on Instagram), but until then, I'll be taking a break to spend time with Colette (with yogurt on her face) and the rest of the brood.



  1. NICE! I'll see you in 2012 then! Good luck and nice trip :)

  2. Eva, can't wait to see more! love that you're standing by your philosophy.

  3. I love it! Also, if any of you are looking for other things to do in LA I recommend they have a contest for free activities with friends, seems pretty cool!