October 18, 2011

Space Monkey: Tipsy Parson

Tipsy Parson is cheeky like Ouiser Boudreaux (I mean with a name like Tipsy Parson...), welcoming like Ruth Jamison, with a city sensibility and a lot of character. In short, it's a charming eatery you'll want to wake up on a Sunday for due to their delicious Southern goodies like Pecan Sticky Buns and Fried Green Tomatoes perfect for sharing with friends like the lovely Mr. Kornegay (because he's a fabulous Southern gentleman, of course). With its whimsical walls covered in plates and book wallpaper, weathered wooden tables and a verdant garden, it's the kind of place that makes me wish I lived in New York. Maybe just one weekend a month. Only in spring or fall. And only if I could eat here and at Buttermilk Channel each and every time. 

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