August 5, 2011

Swell Sip: Iberian Escape

Though I may be visiting Spain for the holidays, I still cannot help but wish I was spending the last weeks of summer under the shade of Seville orange trees (just like I was wishing last year.) Instead, I'll take sitting under the leaves in Hahn Park with a jar of this Iberian Escape, a SWELL SIP that is both nectarous and piquant with bites of kumquat zest and flavors of rose. Paired with this Eva Monki dress (how appropriate) and a colorful scarf, and it's a bit of vacation in a glass. Salud!

6. Steven Alan Legacy Handbag 7.  Dieppa Restrepo Shoes 8. Monki Eva Dress 9. Madewell Sunset Horizon Scarf 10. Super & Liberty & Co. Elysian Sunglasses


  1. I adore those oxford shoes & that dress (7 & 8.) You seem to have great style! I just now came across your blog and I already love it :)

  2. this drink looks SO delicious. i want one now! =)