August 8, 2011

Notes Fom: La Luna Negra

You're sensing a pattern here, I know. An obvious Spainophile, I promise this is my last post about tapas and flamenco for a bit. La Luna Negra, a Pasadena Spanish eatery with soaring ceilings and live music, is a good post-flea market stop (next Sunday). I can only recommend eating the alcachofa once in a (black) moon as it is deliciously dripping in warm butter and champagne, but once you've gandered at goods by foot down every aisle at the Rose Bowl, you can dive right in sans guilt. Tomorrow? My favorite birthday gifts both for others and yourself! In turning the big 2-9, I can't help but wonder where has the time gone? (That's a photo of my third dogger, Delila, who makes an excellent lunch date).


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