August 12, 2011

Swell Sip: The Outside Land

Happy Friday! Many of you may already be sipping your java and getting giddy for your next few days of throwing down your blanket, pulling out your camera and listening to the sounds of Ellie Goulding and Beirut under the eucalyptus trees at Outside Lands. To you I say, have a marvelous time! To the rest of us (oh you know, the ones trekking to SF who will be eating summer squash tacos at Tacolicious, but skipping Golden Gate or those who are staying in LA and keeping it mellow), here is a SWELL SIP to celebrate the festival anyway. With a smidgen of lime juice, a hint of tarragon and a lot of gingery fizz, it's an concoction best enjoyed in the fresh air—wherever you may be.

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  1. It was a great festival, even with the semi-freezing weather. I did however have to just throw away my blue Toms because there was way too much dust and porta-potty it experienced.

  2. Love the blog!

    Just a quick question. I made the cocktail and love it. But I'm not sure if the candied ginger is supposed to be in the bottom of the glass. Like a little surprise.

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  4. Thanks Dean! When you add candied ginger to anything carbonated, it tends to bubble up and give it a fizzy kick. You can find candied ginger that is in really small pieces in the spice section of most markets if you don't like the gooey surprise at the end.

  5. Thanks Eva. I tried it with the small pieces for Fizz and it is amazing. Also love the aniseed taste of the tarragon. I will definitely be back for some cocktail ideas. In fact I think that the Earl Grey cocktail is next :)