August 10, 2011

Bananas For: Aeropagita Prints

Always on the search to brighten up my very tall walls, I came upon Aeropagita Prints and was instantly mesmerized. Michelle V calls her art a bit of self-help for your home and hopes it inspires the owner to pause and reflect. With splashes of abstract color and tones inspired by earth and water, these affordable and vibrant pieces are perfect for that nook in your house that needs some love and perfect as a gift for someone who needs love, too.



  1. What a great (& affordable) idea to brighten up a room! If I saw these in someone's home I would've thought they spent a fortune. It's always the really abstract types of painting that seem to be so expensive, like this post from my blog:
    I thought the painting by Tom Judd was lovely, but who can spend that kinda money on a painting these days!

    Thanks for sharing Eva :)

  2. Thanks Renee! I was amazed at how affordable the pieces were, too! Michelle V is talented and I would certainly pay more.