May 9, 2011

Monkey Find: Timber!

It was a weekend spent at a picnic above the city and at Unique LA combing the offerings of artisans and eating far too much Whipped Marshmallow by Bakelab. (I forsee a fluffernutter sandwich in my future). In honor of our fair city, I'm dedicating the whole week to all things local. First up is Timber!, Chad Eaton's fantastical world of lumberjacks, bosses in top hats, bicycles and bears, and a MONKEY FIND from Unique LA. Upon meeting him you'll find that the lines between art and the real world are blurred as his bearded visage is strangely familiar. Could this lumberjack be. . .? Perhaps, but what's certain is that he is a marvelous designer and very talented artist. Get your own burly bit of woodsy genius here.


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