February 17, 2010

Blog It Forward

Cheers to the 1st blogger mashup, Blog It Forward, the
brilliant brainchild of the one and only sfgirlbybay, Ms. Victoria Smith!
It has been a delight to read the inspiration of other bloggers from around the globe.

My inspiration is simple-
Good people (and dogs), good food and good things.
Of course there are buckets and buckets of ideas and objects that
inspire me, but let's call this the What Matters Most Inspiration.

And, yes, I know I sound a bit sappy to start it off with the ol' Mr.,
my mostly better-half and always best chum, but he inspires me. . .
(to eat cheese, write often and keep calm).

Thank you to Jena over at the ever-lovely Modish for blogging it forward to me
and keep your eyes peeled for Monna McD tomorrow.

Inspiration 1
Inspiration 2Inspiration 3
Inspiration 4
Inspiration 5
Inspiration 6
Inspiration 7


  1. fantastic post! adore its simplicity in building the pieces. what's not to like with a girl who mentions the mr first & finds inspiration in cheese | foodie things? lovely.

  2. Love this visual presentation of inspiration! It's so... inspiring! (ha). But seriously, great post. I'm motivated to say even more with visuals than I already do.


  3. i love cheese, too.
    + your ----------> style is so cute.

  4. great post! and your pups are adorable. we have a little bichon/shih tzu mix named petunia!


  5. what a great post! :)

  6. Thank U 4 get n your creative hat out with this wonderful inspiration MAP...love it

  7. I like the way you organized this post, so cute!

  8. Thank you all! I appreciate your kind words and look forward to keeping up with your inspirations and writings too.

  9. I love the way you formatted your blog-it-forward post! Going to go check out the archives now!

  10. I love love LOVE your interpretation. Plus I love dogs too. xx

  11. I love the way you made it! It looks great! Thanks for that!

  12. this is an absolutely gorgeous layout! so cute. it made me smile =]


  13. This is a great looking post. Thanks for the introduction!

  14. I came here from modish and love your blog! I'm an L.A. girl with a blog too: ellenitza. Stop by when you have a minute.

  15. Love your inspirations. Trying to check out all the blog-it-forwards this weekend. So many wonderful posts- thanks for yours!