February 15, 2010

Au Revoir Alexander

The loss of Alexander McQueen felt a bit more bitter than the passing of other fashion icons not only because he was so young and ingenious, but also because his provocative and macabre designs somehow spoke to the part of me that grew up wanting to live in the Addams Family house--a sweeping fortress with cryptic corners and historical influence. Because like that house, though unreal, McQueen took the dark, the haunted and the unusual and brought them to life in both a marvelous and mysterious way. His designs made you forget for a moment the reality of just wearing a piece of clothing by always telling a fantastical and otherworldly story. And that seemed to be just him--a master visual raconteur who always reached to the edges of his imagination and then did it again. And once more. So, like so many, I am sad that I will no longer see his visions, but I am certain that what he did leave behind will always live on. . .here's to you, Alexander.

*Photos from Style.com

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