January 21, 2010

Staying Chilled

I picked up the New York Times this morning and I found this story fascinating (and undeniably a little crazy). Penelope Green interviewed people who keep no heat source or the heat off even in the bitter cold. For some, it's to save money, or because they love their unheated spaces too much to move, and for others it is to keep the integrity of the acoustics in the house (proper insulation would ruin the ceilings) or to be eco-warriors. Then there are the Filenes in Maine who blog about their frigid abode in the Cold House Journal. Today's report? Perfectly happy and 25° which seems warm since some of these igloo-dwellers live at 15°. Hmm, no. While I am all for green and saving some energy, I'm going with Crunchy Chicken and her Freeze Yer Buns Challenge on this one. Turn your thermostat to 58° at night and 65° during the day. Gather blankets, sweaters and socks and drink some tea. But for pete's sake, don't freeze. . .

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