January 22, 2010

Eye on LA: Adam Rubenstein

Viva la Blog! This title sums up the experiences and whirlwind that come with being a successful food and restaurant blogger in LA. From event catering to working with some of the top Los Angeles food stylists, and attending all of the top food and beverage events in the city and beyond, I sit back and realize that this past year is just the beginning of my blogging and culinary career. What started as a dream and a vision has blossomed into so much more and I owe all of this to passion, drive and determination. I thank the amazing chefs both on and off camera for guiding me towards my path. Weather it is watching today's contemporary chefs on the food network or reading the wise words of Jacques Pépin in “Letters to a Young chef”, as well as having the privilege to work alongside Wolfgang Puck, on occasion the growth continues. We are blessed to have a society that embraces such a strong food culture and live in a city that is littered with the culinary diversity that unities foodies, guests and food bloggers from different backgrounds and perspectives. This idea of diversity is what has made VivaLAfoodies a successful site and a place for foodies to relish in all things food and drink while networking with other passionate individuals. Savor each experience and every bite. Thanks, Eva for putting us on blast on “Monkey In LA.” You are welcome on our site anytime.

Name: Adam Rubenstein

Stage Name: “El Judio”, Rubes or Ruby. It’s up to you, so choose wisely.

Neighborhood: Formerly WEHO, now residing in the South Bay, Manhattan Beach to be exact.

Day Job: Sushi chef at GUESS Cafe by Wolfgang Puck Catering

Moonlight As: Food writer, critic, blogger or whatever else you want to call it. Food connoisseur sums it up best.

Los Angeles is a: Melting pot and a place where you can experience all of the flavors of the world and do whatever your little heart desires.

One day in LA. Go: for a stroll on the beach in Malibu and take in the sights of nature and and an occasional celebrity. Finish up the day at the Malibu Country Mart with a Malibu club sandwich from John’s Garden or head up the coast to Malibu Seafood for fried shrimp. There I go talking about food again.

Food/drink that is LA: Street Tacos and Pinks Hot dogs. Choose your weapon!

Recipe please?

Tried and True“Truffle” Grilled Cheese

Servings: 4 sandwiches
8 slices of Sourdough bread
3 cups cheese: 1 cup Shredded Mozzarella, 1 cup Jack Cheese, and 1 cup of Trader Joe's Italian Truffle cheese
1 cup of sauteed button mushrooms(saute in clarified butter or EVOO)
2 Tablespoons truffle oil
To Taste, whipped butter
To Taste, Salt and Pepper

Mix all cheeses together until evenly distributed.
Toss in mushrooms and truffle oil and mix together
Spread all outside slices of bread with butter
Assemble each grilled cheese with cheese mix and sprinkle top of cheese with salt and pepper
Cook in a saute pan or panini press or place on cookie sheet and bake in an oven at 375 degrees for 10-12 mins
Cut on the bias or serve or cut into bite size pieces

Getaway from LA: and head down to San Diego or up to Santa Barbara or just hop on a Virgin America flight bound for San Francisco. Our neighbors are courteous and provide a plethora of options for zen-ing out.

Cheap Eats LA: Los Feliz @ The Best Fish Taco In Ensenada. $1.50 fish tacos, $2.00 shrimp tacos, $1.00 drinks and a killer salsa bar.

Hideout in LA: Figueroa Hotel, Poolside bar

Clothing that is LA: Guess by Marciano. I grew up in LA wearing the clothes and sport the threads daily.

Scariest place LA: Skid Row

Officially from LA when: you can navigate the freeways and know all of the backstreet short-cuts.

Green LA: Take a hike up to Runyon Canyon and experience the views of the entire city: The Hills, Downtown and the Ocean. Meditate on the fact that you are not stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the 405.

K-Town or Thai Town? K-town hands down. Korean BBQ at Mu Dung San, that’s why

Happy Hour or After Hour? Happy Hour. Because it’s after work and 1/2 price drinks and small bites also help.

Beachside or Poolside? Quite simply: Beachside...If you have been to Manhattan Beach than you know why.

Hancock Park or Hollywood Hills? Hollywood Hills for the views and privacy

Speakeasy or Shake Your Sh**? S-Y-S...because every buddy gets tipsy up in the club.

*Photo by Joseph Briscoe


  1. Adam rocks! (and he travels with knives)

  2. Thanks for the feature. Your site is great!