January 15, 2010

Eye on Food: Nickel Diner

524 S. Main Street, 213-623-8301
I know have a been a bit absent this week, but oh what a week it has been! All is well now and I can sit here and think back to my two (!) trips to Nickel Diner in the past 7 days. Yum! This little joint is located downtown nestled among small businesses and closed buildings like a shiny little beacon telling you to come eat--comfort food with a twist, that is. The savory catfish with corn cakes is topped with pecans and saddled between bacon hashed brussel sprouts (I ate around the bacon). The smac and cheese is concoction of cheddar, fontina, mozzarella and a kick o' pepperjack topped with crunchy breadcrumbs and herbs. And pastry chef Sharlena Fong's faint-cause-it's-that-good red velvet cake has little chocolate crunchies in frosting layers between cake. Good golly, it was all delicious! If this doesn't make you venture to Downtown, then. . . you're crazy.

Next time, I'm going to try the rooty tooty vegetable cassoulet, but for a bit I have to give the heart a break.

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