January 15, 2010

Blog Find: Cook-Craft-Read-Love

Here's a story: Once I helped my cousin find a place to live in LA. The place he chose was the same place that a lovely girl named Lani lived. And while my cousin checked out his new room, I sat on a couch talking to a girl who loves the same things I do: reading, cooking, and creating. And we talked about this blog. And she followed it. And one day, she created her own blog called Cook-Craft-Read-Love so that she, too, could share her favorite things. And here it is, lovely as ever: Cook-Craft-Read-Love.

1 comment:

  1. thank you thank you eva!
    i love that we love the same things.
    and i love the serendipitous nature of our meeting.
    thank you for the gift of cook-craft-read-love.
    if we hadn't met, it probably wouldn't exist, and i would be scratching my head, struggling to get one recipe perfectly written and never actually posting anything at all!
    thank you for inspiring me to just start writing, without worrying about the outcome.

    i am forever grateful. and a faithful follower of your beautiful blog:)

    here's to a beautiful and inspiring new year!