December 1, 2009

Holiday {Cheer}

Guess what? The time is here for some holiday cheer in the form of a card for those far and near!

Sorry. I couldn't help myself. But really, with the turkey cooked and gone, you might be thinking about holiday cards (and the stamps! And the amount of time! And closing the darn envelopes!) and how uninteresting they can be. Well, they don't have to be boring. And really, you can save your little wrists by having a card party with a few friends and some good cheese. No money? Try Paperless Post. Want to send a gift that is a card? Botanical Paperworks cards turn into wildflowers when planted. Going local? Fugu Fugu Press, Dee & Lala, Rock Scissor Paper, Anemone Letterpress and Two Piglets are Los Angeles-based. Feeling unholiday? eEvil Ink Design does, too. No excuses!

Here are some fabulously catchy and retro cards that are perfect for everyone:

1 comment:

  1. i l-o-v-e paper and christmas...this is the perfect combo. great selections!