September 24, 2009

With Love & Soap

It's not common to find two people who run a company built on honesty, simplicity and hard work. They make the products from start to finish, hit the sidewalk to sell them, and have prices for the every person. It's true. Opa's Soap is a local organic soap company that is the brainchild of (my friends) Thomas Marinello and Mercedes Kennedy. Upon the passing of their grandfather, Opa, they decided to make soap in his spirit and to help other people find healing and comfort through their products. Now, with everything from Schwedenbitter elixir to Soap Nuts, a natural clothing detergent, these two have turned love into a fabulous vintage-inspired world of soothers and suds. To find Opa's, you can shop online or at local stores or meet them at one of their upcoming events (where they will be doing all of the work, I'm sure).

1 comment:

  1. Awesome stuff! I recently found out what is in shampoo, and have since been searching for all natural alternatives. They are better for the planet, healthier, and, in my opinion, smell better (not a fan of the synthetic "perfume" smell). By the way, Big Sugar Bake Shop looks YUMMY!!!!! If I make it to LA, I will definitely become fat!