September 15, 2009

Going for Green

One of the books I picked up at the library on Sunday was The Food of a Younger Land, Mark Kurlansky's compilation of the historical writings of some of America's first foodies (though they might not have known it) under the Federal Writers Project (yes, Uncle Sam funded writing & the arts!). And it got me thinking about
local food. Organic foods. Non-GMO foods. The traditions of food. While I don't always mention this in my recipes, we certainly try to eat organic and we're working on getting to the farmers' markets regularly...Because you see, before there were giant supercenters and Safeway online, there were gardens and orchards where baskets of fruits and vegetables were grown without chemicals and picked for the enjoyment of locals, not to be shipped across the world. People shared recipes. They cooked with love. And they knew when to eat what. Sadly, we now eat pineapple in November. Hey, I'm guilty of it, but I've got to get a grip. In fact, with the enormous stack of food-related books on my nightstand, I really should be together about it.

In Los Angeles, there is no reason to not eat well even if you are living on a budget. We have farmers' markets every day of the week, tons of bookstores with useful information, our fair (maybe unfair) share of Whole Foods, co-ops and organic restaurants and if you drive a few miles, green farms where you can pick up grain-fed meats and cage-free eggs. And while yes, it seems easier to throw a couple of food items in your basket while picking up toothpaste at Target, the benefits of eating fresh and organic are countless, copious and bountiful!

Here are some ways to get a green grip too:

Just type in your zip code to find organic and local food including
produce, dairy, meat, etc.

A green guide to everything including restaurants, shopping, and organizations.

A listing of every farmer's market in and around LA including dates, times and what's in season.


A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to the Source with More Than 200 Recipes for a Healthy and Sustainable You

Easy, Seasonal, Organic: The Abel and Cole Cookbook

Green Living with Chef Daniel Orr

Fresh from the Farmers' Market
Year-Round Recipes for the Pick of the Crop

Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen

Meet Me at 3rd and Fairfax

Cooking and Eating from America's Farmers' Markets

Fresh Ideas for the Season's Bounty

Seasonal Foods, Simple Recipes, and Stories from the Market and Farm

A Cookbook for Sustainable, Seasonal, and Local Ingredients

The Art of Eating Locally

How to Select and Cook the Best Ingredients on the Market

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