September 14, 2009

Get Lost

*I just heard the news of Patrick Swayze's passing. If you looked closely below in the smaller photos, you could see this picture of Swayze and Jennifer Grey's iconic moment in Dirty Dancing from the Annenberg Gallery. May he be in peace.
Sundays are for reading and exploring. After a quick home brunch of potato frittata and cold-pressed coffee, we ventured downtown to gather books at the library and see the neighborhood. Who knew we would find a free Neutra exhibit and the Treasures of Los Angeles: Hollywood in the Annenberg Gallery? Whether it contains 10 books or millions, any library is fine by me, but the Central Library is filled with a rich history and interesting architectural details like the Globe Chandelier. How could anything so glorious be FREE?

If you have time, grab a book and find a nook on one of the 8 floors to hide in. The 1920s building is so quiet and cavernous, you can't help but want to enjoy it. When you're done, venture out for a real walkabout around the heart of LA. You'll see prime evidence of this town's theater and movie roots in the art deco facades of the Orpheum, Palace, and Tower theaters along with dozens of others. While we didn't get a chance to try it, we ended up at the charming Bottega Louie where we peered in the windows before heading home. The monkey bread looked divine.

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