June 22, 2009

Works Every Time

Throw on a headband and some tube sox, head down to the Echo Plex, rent some roller skates and drink a Colt 45 (in a small paper bag cozy, mind you). Brilliant. This year's Down & Derby was riotous good fun and proved that shaking your bootsky on four wheels for a mere $5 never goes out of style. It was also proved that I like beer. Can Colt 45 be considered beer? Whatever it was, it was delicious. 

With Down & Derby events all over the country, promoters Vince Masi and Richard Alexander are reviving retro roller disco with amazing DJs and a side of Billy Dee Williams. In this case, they turned the Echo Plex into a bar-roller rink-dance floor and dared everyone, hairy men included, to wear short shorts. 3 Colt 45s later and no one noticed. I say, if Down & Derby comes back to town, we go. Yeah you. 

1 comment:

  1. oh this looks FUN! I went roller skating a while ago, but this seems a much cooler place.

    You two look CAYUTE.