June 23, 2009

Eye on Food: Hara Sushi

12222 Wilshire Blvd., 310-820-1021
Wouldn't it be great if happy hours lasted 5 1/2 hours? (Ok, minus the old jalapeno poppers). Well, at Santa Monica's Hara Sushi they decided to make a quarter of the day (that's 4-9:30pm) dedicated to 1/2 off sushi and cheap drinks! With 32 special rolls, tons of maki choices and raspberry beer, it's a pretty solid stop for dinner. Even better, if you haven't gotten your soybean fill, they serve up edamame  like nobody's business in a huge mound fit for 12. I'm serious. We couldn't finish it. To add to their generosity, Hara also serves a free cup of miso and ice cream to every diner. For production girls night out, 
we ordered the Ginza Roll (spicy tuna and avocado wrapped with albacore and jalapeno) and the Crunchy Roll (crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, shrimp tempura, wrapped with tempura flakes and unagi sauce). Both were delicious. All around us people ordered the Baked Lobster Roll which, had I been eating alone, I might have reached over and helped myself. It looked great. While the atmosphere is lacking (thanks to Mariko for warning us about the happy hour signs everywhere), this place is every bit the yummy hole-in-the-wall it should be and perfect for a Monday night. Hey, it isn't Nobu, but it serves up good toro with $2 sake. No complaints here. 

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