August 17, 2011

Space Monkey: Leti 360°

Now if I could offer advice to the aforementioned soon-to-be-blissfully-wedded friends of mine, I would recommend that they skip thinking of the honeymoon as a one time occasion and start planning for manymoons. Celebrate each year you survived this funny tradition (marvelous though it can be), I say! First stop with Mr. Ian would be (pocketbook aside) Leti 360°, an eco-friendly hermitage in the Himalayas, complete with stone walls, evening dinner by candlelight, and only the sound of the sweet little birds in the air. Though a grueling seven hour trek through the mountains from Dehli, isn't it worth it to spend time with your better half enjoying the epic views and the bucolic surroundings?


1 comment:

  1. how do you find these places? it's like you have a secret code into so many heavenly places! i want to go to each place you blog about!