August 1, 2011

Notes From: The Gentle Barn

Come Monday, I look forward to sharing all of my eatventures from the weekend, but I simply had to tell you about Sunday. We got a chance to visit The Gentle Barn, a rescue farm for abused, neglected and almost-slaughtered creatures, where we'll be volunteering once a month. While Ian followed King the llama around (they must be Peruvian soulmates) and petted Jewel the peacock, I made friends with Duchess (another llama) and Mario, a dapper and friendly silky chicken. Then we visited the sleepy pigs, walked with Yoda the emu and sat with Tinkerbelle and the other goats as the powwowed in the dirt. Inevitably, it made me rethink eating animals. Who wouldn't after meeting Buttercup the cow and Marcia (a turkey) who both just want to be hugged? 


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