July 8, 2011

Swell Sip: Toasted Fisherman

And if I was going The Dune House, I would absolutely take a fisherman (the Mr. loves these Apolis picks, but can he fish, I wonder?) and of course, the makings for Jenna's Toasted Fisherman, a tawny and cooling Northern hemisphere-inspired SWELL SIP that will leave all your mates jolly as old sailors. As R.D. Culler, author of all things nautical, said, "Boats, like whiskey, are all good."

So. . .down the hatch!


6. Apolis Breton Shirt 7. Apolis Standard Issue Chino 8. Zara Buckle Bag 9. Obey Shepard Nylon Jacket 10. Zara Canvas Ankle Boot

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