July 15, 2011

Stay In: Home Sweet Home

Forget leaving this weekend. It's all about making use of your sweet abode by staying in, cooking it up and winding down from a long week of both work and. . .all of this carmegeddon chaos. Your guess is as good as mine if it's going to be disastrous, but why worry? Simply close out the outside world for a bit and have a true staycation. Ahhh. Nice, isn't it?

EAT: For a no-fuss but delicious dinner, try whipping up a homemade pizza or a savory tart. For a traditional-with-a-spin pie, Turntable Kitchen's Wild Mushroom and Crescenza recipe is a nod to Pizzeria Mozza and a dish filled with both woodsy and creamy flavors. For a summery trip to Paris in the form of a French Tomato Tart, David Lebovitz' recipe is both simple and exquisite.

DRINK: Sometimes the most fun can be had at home with an aperitif or an after-dinner cocktail. No driving, no ridiculous price, no worrying about elbowing your way to order. Simple stir up What Katie Ate's Strawberry and Watermelon Vodka Mojitos and sigh at how easy it was to make a refresher that is better than any bar offering. Not drinking? How about Yummy Supper's Fresh Lime Fizz?

SLEEP: Well, in your bed of course. Or, for the wanderer in you, why not build a living room fort and pretend you're in a gypsy wagon on your way to someplace exotic. Sure, you'll wake up in your living room, but nothing says home sweet home like a cup of good coffee and the newspaper delivered to your door.

*Photo from Nordique

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