June 13, 2011

Notes From: Bottega Louie

Good company and good food these past days! Another one for the books and a few tips learned. One, go to Bottega Louie early in the day as the light streams beautifully through the windows and your ears can rest. (Mr. Louie and I aren't OK for dinner as he happens to be quite loud after the sun goes down. We may be neighbors, but no). Also, after spending time at Malibu Wines again, I can't say how much I suggest you pack your picnic, roll your windows down and drive down Highway 1 to visit! Lastly, always keep open to the chance to meet fantastic people in this fine city, for they are out there. We ended Sunday in the company of SF-expats Junia Isabel and her other half Andres. Welcome to Los Angeles, new friends. (Oh, and that's our rescue pup Colette being as cute as ever. What a long way she's come).


  1. holy cow! your dog is ADORABLE!

  2. Colette is a cutie of insane proportions!!!! oh how i'd snuggle that fur baby up tight. the whole post and pics are tremendous. eye candy overload achieved. ♥