May 26, 2011

Bananas For: Rosa Mosa

As if the vibrant textile line wasn't enough, Proud Mary also has a blog filled with design posts so globally-inspired, it's enough to make you feel like you've explored the world while sitting at your desk. Rosa Mosa Spring/Summer 2011 is one of these finds. Pulling from the style of Frida Kahlo (who my mother dressed me up as when I was a child) and Diego Rivera, the Austrian shoe collection and campaign is a brilliant homage to the eccentric and colorful Mexican artists. Dare to pair them with bright ribbons, seersucker suits and embroidered dresses, and you'll be ready to take on summer with the fearlessness of Ms. Kahlo herself. 

1 comment:

  1. awe, no wonder it drew you in...that's so darling how your mom would dress you up like Frida. mine wasn't so, more like Laura Ingalls i'm afraid. baha! i just adore this designers line and vibe. creativity pours out and is so inspiring. thanks for sharing Eva. ♥