April 22, 2011

Swell Sip: Green G&T Gent

Happy Earth Day! Jenna Sais Quois has done it again with a very dapper ensemble from a variety of haberdashers, plus a perfect organic SWELL SIP in honor of La Terra. With some fresh lime and savory basil, this is a refresher that you can keep making well through the summer. And even should you shed the sweater come June, don't lose the Forage bow tie if you're going to toast with this G&T as it's made specifically for a modern eco-gent (because don't all proper gents wear bow ties?). Here, here!

*While you're visiting Jenna, make sure to check out the Eva Sais Quois gift guides including a roundup of Earth-friendly must-haves for that fellow greenie and today's garden party collection for your pastel weekend.


  1. How can I reach you to ask you a few questions about your blog?

  2. You can email me at monkeyinla@gmail.com