March 18, 2011

Stay In: Tokyo to Kyoto

With all the world's eyes turned to Japan, I thought this STAY IN should be dedicated to both exploring Los Angeles and helping our friends beyond the sea. From robata-yaki to renge, this mini-journey is a true celebration of the Land of the Rising Sun. 

EAT: Takami
The spectacular view and miso kampachi are only made better by the restaurant's generous commitment to donate all profits to the Red Cross Japanese Relief Fund. Order yourself a penthouse roll and an Aperol Fresh and thank your lucky stars (you can see them from here) that you're safe. 

DRINK: Los Angeles Sake Festival
Explore over 100 brands of sake through classes and tastings at this year's celebration of Japan's national drink. You'll come out knowing the difference between Ginko-shu and Honjozo-shu, plus 20% of your ticket goes to Japanese relief efforts. Kanpai!

STAY: Kyoto Grand
With a rooftop Zen garden and a view of Downtown, this Little Tokyo retreat is a perfect place to rest after your sake spree. Feel like exploring the neighborhood? Check out the art at the George J. Doizaki Gallery located in the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. You can also make a donation to their UNICEF Disaster Fund. 

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