July 12, 2010

¡Viva Espana!

In honor of my fiery forefathers (and equally spicy foremothers), I was very much excited to see Spain win the World Cup for the first time. But shortly after the victory, I took to the couch with a cup of tea as my lovely summer cold worsened. Sick in July? Que triste! But hot soup on a warm day? No. So how else to celebrate los campeones while getting better? With an Andalucian gazpacho, of course. With a healthy dose of garlic, tomatoes, and a bit of cayenne, this beloved Spanish dish is the best answer to fire up the immunity and cool down under the heat of a July day. Thanks to Monika Kotus of Crumpets and Cakes for posting this delicious recipe on The Kitchn.



Images from The Kitchn/Monika Kotus

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