March 25, 2010

Hide & Seek

Some may not agree, but I think what defines and makes a real Angeleno is abundant curiosity and gumption. After all, there is so much to find and see here that I can't imagine limiting the adventure. And so on a warm weekend, I followed a road north of downtown only to enter the 101-year-old neighborhood of Mt. Washington. What an interesting place! Serene from some angles, a bit feral from others, it is a community with many facets and a patchwork of residents and abodes. . .including this spectacular place where there is a perfect and modern balance between shelter and nature.


*Photos from Design Milk


  1. I am in love with this house! Exactly my style and taste! I'm a 28 year old Angelino living on the border between Hollywood & the Valley - love your blog! It's officially a favorite! Have fun on your trip to Japan; I love Tokyo!