March 10, 2010

Eye on Food: Cafe Colombia

222 S Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank, 818-558-3985
The first ache of the flu came the day I went to this little unassuming wonder and oh, how thankful I am that our friends suggested it.Welcoming as your abuela's home with a side of rebel (look up on the wall for the Shepard Fairey Immigration Now poster), Cafe Colombia is an adorable joint where the food is just as warm as the decor. We shared a plate of Arepas to start. Similar to a pupusa, these little round corn cakes stuffed with cheese were delicious. Each kind , the sweet corn Suprema, white corn Mozzarepa, and the Queso, were their own blend of savory that made me want to order another plate and call it a day. Sabroso! But instead, our friends (and Anthony Bourdain in his review of Colombia) recommended trying the Ajiaco Santafereño and I am still longing for another bowl ten days later. This stew, a delicious blend of tender chicken, corn on the cob, three kinds of potatoes and the herb guasca served with a side of capers, rice, avocado and sweet cream, was one of the best comfort soups I have ever tasted. The other dishes on the menu, from the grilled chicken to the sweet Buñuelos, also looked and smelled amazing. And Cafe Colombia is known for it's exotic fruit smoothies (maracuyá, anyone?) which sounds like a perfect choice for summer. I am sure to be back. If you haven't explored the flavors of Colombia, get going. You'll be so happy you did!