January 6, 2010

Keeping Up

In this new age of the (20)10s, I have a big bright goal: To let you know more what's up around here. No, this isn't a resolution, but LA is ever-changing and there is so much to say! Sometimes it will be in the form of posts, but mostly I will put the links on the new News LA (see left). Was this inspired by this Curbed LA story of my favorite chef and honorary Mexican Mr. Rick Bayless finally making his way to our city? Unquestionably. But is there so much going on in the new year that I would be silly to write a blog about this town and not include this information? Yes, sir.

So here you go, friend.
Babycakes NYC, champions of vegan cupcakes and delicious sweets, have finally made their way to LA with their grand opening last Sunday. And where? Why Downtown, of course! Check them and their skinny buns out at 130 East 6th Street.

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