December 13, 2009

Homemade Holiday

Out of my non-crafty self and the gumption of Ian came hours and hours of baking, cooking, canning and actually following through with the plan this weekend. We ended up concocting the peppermint stick cocoa, sundried tomato jam, cranberry orange marmalade, peppermint sticks, mulling sachets, all-purpose spice rub, sugared cranberries, personalized coffee blend, sweet-hot spiced pecans, plus gingerbread men, white and milk chocolate-dipped sugar cookies, christmas farfalle, with a side of Snowman Doo all wrapped in red and white. (To our family: you better be hungry!) The verdict? It was a marathon, but worth it. We took a few breaks to eat some chowder and watch holiday movies. Here's to a homemade holiday! And whatever you do, at least make the sundried tomato jam. It's delicious!

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