December 22, 2009

Holiday Wish

Please bring back Domino Magazine. Thank you.

p.s. and if you have a chance, can you throw in this book?

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  1. is domino done too?
    domino and gourmet in one year??
    that's just too much to take!
    and i just subscribed to real simple.
    also ready made. do you know that one? i'm sure you do. their blog is pretty wonderful for diy.
    so i know i have said it before, but you have inspired me to get my butt into gear and it starts now! or later this week perhaps;)
    and we will get this cook craft book club going this year! so many amazing ladies who want to participate and at our january meeting i want to do mini succulent gardens:) so lovely running into you at christmas trees:) merry christmas!