October 7, 2009

Man Shops Globe

If I was a believer, I would hope that heaven was an Anthropologie store where you could freely lounge on butter-colored sofas, eat wine and cheese, and watch tv surrounded by dresses and painted tea cups only to later reincarnate as the adopted child of Glen Senk and Keith Johnson. But I'm not a believer. So I am so thankful that my friend from Sundance invited me to the Beverly Hills Anthropologie screening party of Man Shops Globe where we could do just that. I left with a few purchases and a belly full of Humboldt Fog, but it was the show that really was the highlight of the evening. The series follows Johnson, the very lucky buyer-at-large for the company (and partner of Senk, the CEO of Urban Outfitters), as he travels through flea markets, bazaars and streets searching for pieces to fill the stores. What is a whimsical, easy, French-inspired experience for the shopper is a carefully planned vision erected after much bargaining and exploration by Keith. Granted, Johnson has a lot of money to pick things out, but he still is very thoughtful. And why so much effort? Because everything (for many shiny pennies) in Anthropologie is for sale. While I am not sure that any of it is worth it, the truth that I gave little thought to before is that Anthropologie is more than a drool-worthy stop for marvelous, overpriced clothes. It's actually a home to a collection of stories about the 8am frenzy at an antique mart in Provence or a tour through Indonesia. And while I'm not the one on the adventure and am reminded of the recession each time I look at a pricetag in Anthropologie, a girl can dream. . .on Wednesday nights. . .with a side of Bouyssou and a remote. Some may call this show ridiculous, but I say it's good fun.

*Images from Anthropologie

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