October 3, 2009

In Store Designer

Ok, I lied. I didn't have time to blog yesterday. But here I am and I am happy to announce that my good friend Eric Meeks has finally launched his new web series, In Store Designer. Eric, a computer genius-turned-designer who has the most meticulous apartment of any straight man I know, has finally turned his concept of interviewing independent Los Angeles designers into a reality. Now, he is on a mission to stores and showrooms to show us a glimpse into various designers creative processes, business strategies and unique designs. For his first episode, he interviewed Craig Olsen, an innovative Angeleno who mixes classic architectural and design elements with surprising fabrics and details. Next month, who knows? But keep Eric on your radar. He's hopping about LA and is going to dig up some interesting design stories and find out what the world of Los Angeles interiors is all about.

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  1. Hey Eva,

    Thanks for writing about my site. Love your blog!