October 13, 2009

Blog Find: Fresh 365

Forget meat. Fresh 365 gives you hundreds of yummy vegetarian ideas. Take today's posting: Asiago Sweet Potatoes. While I usually can't say no to the typical marshmallow casserole variety, a savory spin on sweet potatoes is different and makes you rethink using them just as a holiday ingredient. Besides her collection of seasonal recipes (which also come with vibrant photos), Erin links to delicious dishes of other foodie bloggers that she has made and taste-tested and regularly updates what ingredients are in season. Who knew cardoon was available now? Thanks Erin!


  1. Wow - the Asiago Sweet Potato dish sounds divine! I'll have to try it sometime soon.

    Good find on the blog!

  2. Thanks for linking me here! Glad you are enjoying the blog. Happy to have found yours!