September 22, 2009

Toast & Jam

There was a period when I didn't eat breakfast; didn't remember, didn't care, simply passed it by. Incroyable, I know! Having been enlightened (thank you Los Angeles!), I am now a devoted follower of all things breakfast--except for the early bird special as I am a stubborn night owl. That being said, it is a bit of a balance to mix up the weekday morning routine and opt for something beyond oatmeal. In comes Simply Breakfast. This is not a blog find, but rather a change-the-way-you-think-about-your-toast find. Although it will make you long for an Anthropologie-inspired pied-à-terre to eat your croissant in, take a gander and appreciate Jennifer Causey's lovely photographs and her delicious and simple ideas for your morning. If you love her work, you can find her prints for sale at her Simply Photo Shop and the Pink Olive Boutique or check out her books Simply Breakfast: The Art of Breakfast and Simply Breakfast: More Please.

*Photos from Simply Breakfast

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