September 1, 2009

Hot Dogs!

I really wanted to call this post some people are idiots, but that title is wide open for a variety of asinine behaviors. The truth is, many people are idiots and I have a specific bone to pick with them. Especially the six (two today) dog owners I've encountered in the past month. To you, ignorant fools who leave your dogs in the car, it's time to educate yourself as to why it is absolutely unacceptable to leave pets in your oven on wheels.

Good reason #1: It's illegal. Good one, right? In 2006, the Governor signed CA Senate Bill 1806 (Figueroa) into a law that makes leaving your dog in the car under certain conditions a crime. The conditions? Heat, cold, lack of adequate ventilation, or lack of food or water, or other circumstances that could reasonably be expected to cause suffering or death.

Good reason #2: Since it is illegal, there are penalties. This means, leave your dog at home or face penalties of $100 for the first incident, $500 or six months in jail if your dog becomes sick or injured, and if you get hit with a felony charge? Count them: $20,000. Oh, and one more thing--a peace officer or animal control officer can bust your windows and take your dog to the shelter to sit on death row. Plus, you look like a jerk.

Good reason #3: The temperature outside doesn't matter. Just because you think that it's cool enough for your dog to sit in your car, doesn't mean it is. Even when it's a (human) comfortable 72º outside, the inside of the car can quickly rise to 100º within minutes. If your dog's body temperature rises even a few degrees, he can suffer heatstroke, brain damage and death.

Good reason #4: Pets are stolen from cars. You know your cute, flat-faced pug? The one who can't breath normally anyway, but is now wheezing on the hot seat? Well, someone can easily break or force open the window and take him. It happens. End of story.

Good reason #5: Los Angeles is pet-friendly. This one is for you, couple at Samy's Camera who decided to leave their giant pitbull in the car on a 90º day: Your dog can go inside with you. Novel, I know.

So, if you are reading this and you see a dog in a car or know people who leave their dog in the car, do something. Save them a vet bill, heartache, a fine or a broken window. Better yet, help them become a little bit smarter. They need it.

A great resource for the canine owner is: My Dog is Cool. You can find information, a weather gauge and even fliers to print out and leave on cars in case you see this. I know it is hard to step up to strangers, but enough already.


  1. You are so RIGHT on.

    I love your blog, and the layout is Fab!

  2. Thanks Jenna! You have a beautiful blog too! I will be sure to add a link!

  3. I totally agree..
    ...but I'm actually okay with the couple that left their "Giant Pit bull" in the car as opposed to taking them into the store. To be honest, pets don't belong in stores. Leave them at home when you run your errands, especially a camera store, where there are lots of sensitive and expensive equipment around. I wouldn't bring my dog into a china shop! I'm a dog lover and former owner time and time again... but I never got those people who insist on taking their dogs everywhere. There's no need to have to leave a dog in the car OR take them in. Just go directly to where you were going with your dog... do what you were going to do with your dog... and go home! Why stop at the expensive electronics shop too?? Just my thoughts.