September 9, 2009

Girl Interrupted

It is safe to say that there are girls out there who fill with bliss and delight when they think about their wedding (whether planned or unplanned). The tulle! The colors! The first dance to. . . Etta James! Well, pardon me while I hide under this cookbook, but the idea of a traditional wedding just isn't my cup of anything. Nothing against Etta, of course, but an affair where family comes out to swallow my hard-earned money with one gulp of champagne followed by the chicken dance makes me cringe. And this is coming from a usually happy hostess who loves soirees AND shindigs.

I think this genetic wedding chip I'm missing perhaps got lost after the first five I went to. Somewhere in the melee of number cinco I think I realized that many weddings turn out well...the same: mediocre food, terrible music, and usually a few ill-fitting suits next to equally awful bridesmaid dresses. Whose idea was this? And why did the couple and their story get lost in the mix? And so, I became resolved to not think about my own wedding except for the moments when it fell into the possibly-maybe-if-I-have-to-let's-go-to-the-courthouse-followed-by-wine category. Until today. Gasp!

Today, I came across Once Wed, Emily Newman's solution for the clever, resourceful or unusual bride. What began as a site to sell her wedding dress is now a wonderful collection of imagination and ideas for how to have a perfect célébration de l'amour . Not a cookie cutter wedding, but the perfect wedding for you, oh rebellious one.

Take Paige and Kevin. These two didn't bow to At Last to celebrate their love. Nope, they took their "first dance" to a big field (with sweet moves, I might add). And on the big day? Organic foods and wine, a borrowed and beautiful dress, flowers that could be replanted and three of the best guests they could find--their lovely kids (who I'm sure didn't gulp down champagne)-- all under the eucalyptus and lantern canopy of their backyard. And the most brilliant part? They took their own talents and put them to work. Paige, "ambassador of fun", blogger and owner of Los Angeles' own Bash Eco Events, used her earth-friendly genius to design the invitations and decorations while her husband Kevin, artist and handyman extraordinaire, painted and hammered the rest. Together they planned a menu and even squeezed 10 lbs of lemons for their cocktails! So much for Jordan almonds and pink chiffon. These two are heroes.

While it still may be a few years (hello grad school!) before I take my own feet down any aisle, I won't hesitate to peruse the lovely sites of Emily, Paige and others in search of au courant and do-it-yourself wedding inspiration. Whether you're looking for modern or vintage or even circus-themed (in an uncheesy way!), you will find good ideas that will make your guests and your love happy. Even if you're the most reluctant bride.

I'm still not certain that my wedding chip is back, but I am starting to think it will find its way. . .

*photos from Found Photos and Charley Star


  1. thank you Eva for the lovely post. awesome blog! xoxo

  2. "Once Wed" is a great find! You are definitely not alone in the big-weddings-are-generic school of thought. While many of my friends thought themselves "old maids" if they were not married by twenty-two (some married at 19... Southern girls), I have never been interested in a $50,000 party! For me, I would want something much more personal and creative! I'm gonna bookmark Once Wed for the future... way in the future!

    Love your blog. My fave is the Local Monkey link in the top left corner. I like seeing the LA spots!!!

  3. Thanks Julie! I was so happy to find the site and I hope it "marries" the idea of wedding + creativity + budget-friendly for many. Emily had a great idea!

  4. I love once wed! so much beauty there!