July 1, 2009

Monkey Find: Paperless Post

The art of the printed invitation for every occasion seems to have been lost somewhere on the road to becoming a mouse-clicking, informal generation. Maybe it went out with the personalized stationary, the calling card 
and the handwritten note years ago, but wherever it is, I miss it. OK, let's be honest, I have never owned my own monogramed envelopes, but the Martha in me wishes that we still subscribed to that etiquette. I know what you are thinking...who has the time? The money? The purpose? 

Well friends, I can't help you with the reason, other than the fact that any time seems like a good time for a cocktail party to me, but I have found a way for you to get back a bit of charm into your life with little money or time: Paperless Post. This online invitation company, founded in 2008 by a 20-something sibling duo, has united brilliant design, old-fashioned feeling and modern technology. 

With a never- ending spectrum of choices and even a wording assistant, Paperless Post is a much-welcomed way to throw a soiree without having to use online invitation companies that, in my opinion, fail to capture the spirit of what a party should be: chic and thoughtful from start to finish. I mean if Zac Posen and Diane Von Furstenberg are using Paperless Post, then clearly it is genius.

To read more about Paperless Post check out this New York Times article. 

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