July 8, 2009

Living Little

Growing up, purchasing a house seems like a pie-in-the-sky, faraway idea left for
the focus of settled adults. Then suddenly, you wake up in your late twenties and some biological reflex kicks in that makes you want to decorate. Or garden. Or actually use the stove. Dinner parties replace keg fests and real furniture, not college leftovers, start making their way into your house. Yet, while you're forking over hundreds in rent, your brain is saying "nest" and you're collecting a decent share of good wine, owning your own digs is perhaps out of reach now for one reason: money. So what do you do? Think small. At least for now. The Hollywood Hills can come later.

There many terrific ways to help you switch your brain to "little house mode".




From mini houses (on mini islands) to smart prefab boxes, these resources show how living in a petit abode doesn't limit design. In truth, living in smaller houses or apartments requires a more ingenious arrangement of space and crafty organization which, at the end of the day, can help keep you sane and happy. Sure we're out West where the land stretches far, but it seems that if people are willing to live in Manhattan closets, maybe it is time that Angelenos shifted our ideas of how living large should be. Especially if we have to count our pennies and the broom isn't pushing itself. As they say in Italy, piccola casa, grande quiete (small house, much tranquility)!

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