June 4, 2009

Can You Spare Some Change?

Who hasn't seen change since the new year? Obama moved in to the White House. Millvina Dean, the last Titanic survivor, took a trip to the other side. Iceland watched its banking system collapse. Mayor Villaraigosa officially became a "failure". Adria and Claudio Blotta opened the lovely Barbrix in Silverlake. In short, change has been sent around the table and then some. It is no surprise, then, that (enter any word) for Change has popped up everywhere. If you feel like jamming out with people from around the globe to promote unity? You can. If you need a resource that turns your coffee habit into helping a community? No problem. From music to food, education to art, there are countless resources where you can take your interest and turn it into good. Into change.

Playing for Change

This organization started with a documentary that brought together musicians and singers from around the globe to collaborate on familiar songs and has evolved into a foundation that helps create and fund musical resources (like South Africa's Ntonga Music School) in various countries. Check out their newest collaboration, A Change is Gonna Come.

Their mission is to encourage young adults to help promote collecting the loose change around the house along with larger contributions to give to various causes including Not Bread Alone and the Hope Program.

In conjunction with the June 12 movie Food, Inc., Hungry for Change is an action site that calls on people to educate themselves about the realities of factory farming and processed foods and then support legislation to positively impact the environment, health, and the economy.

Based in New York City, this nonprofit fosters civic participation and the examination of social issues through the arts with programs like CALLE (Creating Artistic Links to Liberation and Expression) and Art Belongs to Everyone.

Uniting various companies along the way (including AT&T, CNN and HP to name a
few), this foundation promotes development and direct action for humanitarian causes including aiding orphans, assisting refugees globally, and shifting corporate perspectives and practices.

A certified organic coffee roaster that helps organizations with fundraisers and partners with independent coffeehouses to sell 100% Fair Trade Coffee.

An Australian news and social networking site dedicated to global communication and action for climate change via events, connectivity, blogging, etc.

Positioning itself as a national hub and educational resource, their goal is to bring together digital gaming groups and organizations such as the United Nations to use video games for social change. Their website includes free games and information about the Games for Change Annual Festival.

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