October 20, 2010

Wine By Design

There is no excuse for you, sharp and witty Angeleno, to ever choose a stuffy wine or a boring bottle when there are so many options that balance taste and design. California-based Bear Flag wines with labels by artist Edurado Bertone are both stupendous and wallet-friendly plus they are available almost everywhere in the city. Plungerhead and Sibling Rivalry are clever conversation starters and they have high marks for taste, while Brutus, Paparazzi and Romeo are oh-so-appropriate for life in LaLaLand. But if you really need to impress your fantastically stylish friends, order Instant Bon Vivant, a bit of California Red Hawk from The Cheesestore of Silverlake and a local and seasonal treat from Tartist. Let the party begin!


  1. i love wine... i usually choose new wine by how cute or interesting the label is. im no wine connoisseur but i i think do well with my wine choosing technique! haha

  2. Great looking dish! Make me hungry!